I am usually called Dustin. I was born an infant and raised as a child. I find eating, sleeping, breathing, and boardgaming to be worthwhile pursuits. I occasionally read comics when such basic biological needs are not pressing. Time passes, and I age. My existence haunts me. I wonder why. At night, when the moon is full, I sometimes dream. I oftentimes am too lazy to floss. At some moment past, on a strange whim, blogging seemed a proper notion. Previous to that, so did not blogging. I am not sure what this contradiction means.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Vijaya Dar says:

    Have been looking for your review of Interstellar. Please do post one. Would like to know your views.

  2. Semigeekly says:

    Thanks so much for your interest (and apologies for my extreme tardiness)! As a longtime fan of Nolan and of similar films (2001 and Contact are two of my favorite movies), I did of course see Interstellar and liked it very much—even more than Gravity. However, I didn’t immediately feel I had very much of substance to add to the conversation about it. One of the consistent weaknesses (in my opinion) of Nolan’s last few scripts is his tendency to over explain. By the time the film ended, the constant exposition had robbed it of much of the abstraction/ambiguity necessary for the kind of exploration I did of Cuarón’s film. In other words, the movie already says most of what there is to say about it. I may reconsider after the inevitable rewatch, but I don’t currently anticipate covering it directly. That said, you may find the Age of Ultron post I made today worth a browse. Its discussion of Biblical subtext is meaty on the level of my Gravity review.

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