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[REVIEW] Transmetropolitan

The winter holiday season and the first weeks of the new year are, unfortunately, crunch time in my current employment situation. As a result, the blog has suffered a bit over the past couple of weeks with breaks in what had been a fairly regular posting schedule. (Then again, maybe I’ve just decided to embrace the “semi” aspect of this blog’s title.) I can’t promise that intermittence will change in the immediate future, but I don’t want to leave Semigeekly dormant, either. While I endeavor to remedy my irregularity, then (wait, huh?), I’ll try taking brief looks at some of the geek-related media to which I’ve been exposed during my time away.  Continue reading

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From Board Gaming to Lovecraft and Beyond, Pt. 2


“But I called, as we came near, to one who stood beside the water’s edge, asking him what men did in Astahahn and what their merchandise was, and with whom they traded. He said, ‘Here we have fettered and manacled Time, who would otherwise slay the gods.’ I asked him what gods they worshipped in that city, and he said, ‘All those gods whom Time has not yet slain.'” — “Idle Days on the River Yann,” Lord Dunsany

In case you missed it, click here for Pt. 1 in which I trace the path I followed through board games to Lovecraft fandom. This week, we’re going to follow that rabbit hole a little deeper. Continue reading

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