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[REVIEW] The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

desolation-of-smaugI interrupt my regularly scheduled post this week to offer a spoiler light review of The Desolation of Smaug. As always, the opinions below are solely my own. If you had a mainly positive experience with the film, more power to you. You just might want to stop reading now. Continue reading

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[REVIEW] Thor: The Dark World, Pt. 2 – The Future of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe

thor-the-dark-world-movie-title-logo2Marvel’s capable if formulaic Thor: The Dark World (see Pt. 1 for my review proper) did prove noteworthy in at least one regard in that it offered its audience a peek behind the curtain at the studio’s future plans. What exactly does Marvel have up its sleeve? And does The Dark World have something fresh to say after all? Continue reading

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[REVIEW] Thor: The Dark World, Pt. 1

thor-the-dark-world-movie-title-logo2**MILD SPOILER WARNING** I’ve gone out of my way to avoid revealing specific plot points in this write-up, but my review does include a level of information equivalent to that of a trailer or high level synopsis. Unless you require a completely blank slate going in (and have therefore endured a self-enforced media blackout for the last month), you should be relatively safe. As much as I beat up on the film below, I liked it quite a bit. If you appreciate what Marvel Studios has done with its movies so far, you’ll be pleased to find more of the same with this one. Continue reading

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[REVIEW] Transcending ‘Gravity’: The Metaphor Behind the Movie


**LIGHT SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t seen Gravity yet, I highly suggest you do so before you read my or anyone else’s reactions. (And if ever a film has been made that merits the IMAX 3D format, this is it. If you have access to a true IMAX theatre, the extra few dollars are more than worth it.) With a very simple and clear-cut surface narrative, Gravity is probably best viewed with as little preconception and foreknowledge as possible. I’ll try to shy away from story specifics with vagueness where feasible, but it would be nearly impossible to circumvent even the implication of certain outcomes. See the movie first—I repeat, see this movie—then see if you can resist jumping into the conversation about it.** Continue reading

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