If my first post here wasn’t indication enough, I tend to be overly serious. Some might even say I verge on somber. Such is the curse of the reflective introvert: through joy and despair, fun and chore, all must be analyzed and deconstructed. However, I’m hoping this blog will allow me to loosen my collar and slip into something a little less…gloomy. If my normal demeanor is a severe, black, three-piece business suit, perhaps my online presence can be more severe, black business casual (with sweater vest and sleeves rolled up, no doubt). Don’t get me wrong; I certainly reserve the freedom to indulge in heavy personal or philosophical meandering whenever the mood strikes, but I’d like to mitigate the melancholy by also writing about subjects toward which I feel an emotion akin to what normal human beings might identify as “excitement.” I’m still working out the details as I go along, but don’t be surprised if you find me dropping posts on topics such as:

Tabletop Games – I play these. I collect these. If when I make those statements you picture a shelf in the top of a closet holding copies of Monopoly, Clue, Life, Risk, and/or Battleship (all, of course, with pieces missing), I have two things to say to you: 1) you poor, pitiable, deceived child, and 2) you have absolutely no idea the worlds of fun you’re missing.

Comics – I read these, primarily in trade format. I am, for the most part, an unashamed Marvel zombie (particularly when it comes to the X-Men) though I take great pleasure from dipping my toes elsewhere now and again. Recent years have seen an increasing infatuation with DC’s Vertigo imprint.

Fiction – I also read this. In general, I enjoy a mix of mythology and mythic history/ fantasy with a healthy sprinkling of science fiction. The weird horror of the pulp era has gripped my attention of late. I have been known to claim Cormac McCarthy’s The Road as my favorite novel.

Movies – I watch these. I am picky. Unsurprisingly, my tastes veer toward the cerebral and the dramatic. And the comic book-ish.

In summary, I am a bit of a geek. While I do quite a lot nonfiction reading, too, the philosophical/theological content of so much of it is, I suspect, more likely to rear its head in personally reflective moments. In fact, posts on all of this material will probably take the form of personal impressions over any kind of formal reviews. I’m not interested in being a critic so much as a connoisseur. (Is there anything quite like the bouquet of a freshly opened board game to the discerning nose: the earthiness of cardboard, the aromatic pungency of adhesive, the notes of sweet toxicity from permeating ink fumes? And what of heft and body? From the light, airy elegance of Love Letter’s satiny drawstring purse to the dense chewiness of Twilight Imperium’s backbreaking coffin box, the textures on show provide a plethora of pleasures for the perceptive palate.)

So we’ll see how this blog thing goes. I haven’t formulated a strict timetable, but I’m going to shoot for roughly weekly posts here at the start. If you have any advice for maintaining momentum in this sort of exercise, I’d love to hear it. Until next time, though, keep your head up and an eye out; one can never be sure when knowledge may drop.

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